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These things are the most important:

- I will continue with / finish Project Kanto. It will never stop being a thing!

- I will put stamps here when I remember next. Poke me and tell me if I forget.

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London MCM Expo 19 - Sat. 28th May 2011 @ Ash Ketchum [Pokémon]

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London MCM Expo 18 - Sat. 30th Oct 2010 @ Luke Triton [Prof. Layton]
Hello Internet!

London MCM Expo. Okay.
How was it?
Better than May.
But that's not difficult now, is it.
Yeah, you might have noticed I didn't make a post after May Expo.
That was because it was a fucking trainwreck, that I'd rather not go into.
Five days of London.
Three day of Expo.
Two days of awesomeness. Like really, really amazing, top-quality MCM.



Caught the train at 13:25 from Northampton, arriving at Euston approximately an hour later.
Immediately found another conventioneer, who I took the underground to ExCeL with, where he departed for the yacht, and I made my way through the convention centre to the East entrance car park, across the dock and to my hotel, where I followed all the drama unfold on Facebook, partly down to the barriers and the impending fear that they were for MCM, and partly down to the greatest meme that the world has ever seen.
It was a bit of a bumpy journey, but at least I didn't get #murderedorworse
Took a train to Woolwich, stocked up on supplies (supplies being Ribena, Hot chocolate and regular chocolate chocolate), and bought take-away, because I totally don't get enough of that in my life, right!?


Get set for MCM!
So I'm awake, up showered and dressed in-cosplay, in-character, if that's even possible, as Haruko Haruhara!
This costume might not look it, but it is extremely bulky, taking up almost my entire suitcase, so I figured I'd take it on the quietest day (and the fact that a cosplay meet I was hosting with a friend took place on the other two days), Friday was naturally my best choice.
Got a photo with the pixe booth, and RENEGADE REVOLUTION took my photograph! I was buzzin'!
Spend a great deal of time at the NIS stand, watching people and rocking out on the dance floor, so if anyone got a photo or video of Haruko rocking out with her bass on the Persona4 dancing stage, for the love of god, send me it. I need that kind of comedy in my life, yo.


Running kind of late, I arrived at ExCeL at 09:40 as Byakuya Togami from Danganronpa, met up with my friend who was cosplaying Genocider and met a few other Dangans, then hosted the meet starting at 1pm
This went remarkably well considering I can totally act the fool, but have difficulty actually speaking with people so who knew.
I made a few new friends at that meet, and added them on Facebook so I'm gonna do a bloody good job keeping in contact with them now.
Arrived back at the hotel just gone 7pm, and fell asleep almost instantly - partly because I've had such a great time, and partly because I haven't had anything to eat since Friday night.
Ultimately decided against going to the party, and when the time came around to it, I am so glad I made that decision because I clearly didn't have the energy to pull it off.


Go down (well up, since I'm staying in one of 10 rooms the floor below the lobby. I didn't even know that was a thing.) to breakfast. So yeah, Toast, Sausages, Bacon, Crunchy Nut, Frosties, Croissants, Coffee and Orange Juice. No regrets.
Back to the room, get ready for the day ahead.
Arrive at Expo around 10:30, Signed up for another year of Neo, got a few more purchases in. I really didn't buy all that much merch this time. I'm slightly impressed, slightly disgusted by this fact.
There was another Dangan meet up, which I went to, which I was credited as hosting, but don't believe the lies. That's all I have to say about that meet. Nothing more.
Temporarily lost my phone, which was thankfully still at the location I had been when I must have dropped it.
Then I went without eating. Again. until Monday afternoon, where I am writing this right now.
Fuck sake.


I woke up about 3am.
I emptied my case, because it's far easier to pack from square one. And still found chargers and wigs and Haruko's fucking goggles that I forgot to pack, so yeah, I somehow dragged my case to London City Airport DLR, got across the tube network to Euston, and ended up on the wrong platform. (Do not ask.)
And finally got on the 11:13 with 11 minutes to spare. Arrived back just gone half past 12. Got in the house at almost one, and where did I go?
Here, apparently.

So to sum up;

Thursday, Top quality banter.
Friday and Saturday were as mint as a fucking imperial.
Sunday, not so much.
Monday, Home, Sad tiems.

London MCM Expo improved, and Saturday was actually possible to get around, and at maximum capacity. Well played.
Security, There is not a swear word, strong enough, in the English language that I can use to describe how I feel about the Security, needless to say, it is still, and forever will be, the event's biggest flaw.
The Show Guide is printed media. It lies. So do the MCM Crew.
Stewards. Did any apply? I saw like two of them in the blue t-shirts all weekend.

Thanks so much to everyone I saw over the weekend, those who snapped my photo, and all of you magnificent cosplayers.
You're all totes amazeballs, and I will return, probably at Birmingham MCM in March.
Failing that, I'll definitely be at both London shows in May and October.
That is, however, all for this year, at least as far as my being at conventions go!
See you all in 2016

I'm Richard,
And I'm Out!
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